Eco Ambassadors

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

At Nether Green Junior School, we feel it is important for the children to learn about the environment and ways we can help the planet.

We have a dedicated team of children in school – our ‘Eco Ambassadors’ who lead the rest of the school in some of our ‘Eco initiatives’.

The children are elected by the class at the start of the year, with two representatives from each class. With the lead teacher, Mrs Wing, the children have conducted a survey to rate the school on a number of ‘eco’ credentials from the national ‘Eco Schools’ programme, which are:





Healthy Living



School Grounds




This year, following the survey, the children made an ‘action plan’ and have been working through it throughout the year to make improvements in our selected areas of ‘energy’, ‘waste’ and ‘biodiversity’. For example, in order to encourage children to reduce waste and energy usage at home and at school, the Eco Ambassadors led initiatives such as ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ and ‘Waste Week’ in School and have started to consider ways to improve our ‘biodiversity’ within the school grounds such as by making bird feeders and considering how to improve habitats for mini-beasts. Eco Ambassadors have led assemblies to raise awareness of each initiative and tell the school how they can help our planet.