We currently have 27 different languages spoken in our school. We are proud that we celebrate the diversity of our children and their families.

We aim to:

  • celebrate and promote children’s home language
  • enable all children succeed in accessing the curriculum, overcoming any language barriers
  • enable all children to develop a rich, varied vocabulary in English
  • ensure any additional support is linked to classroom learning and has a real context for children

Children who have English as an additional language (EAL) are supported in a variety of ways:

  • the use of visuals to support written and spoken language
  • supporting children with planning their writing
  • supporting children editing and improving writing
  • pre- teaching concepts e.g. grammatical structures that they then will be applying in class
  • pre- reading texts with children so they can access them more easily in class
  • pre- teaching mathematical concepts- especially vocabulary and reasoning skills
  • pre-teaching science and wider curriculum vocabulary at the beginning of a unit of learning – we send words home to practise and discuss with families
  • specific/ bespoke need or focus e.g. tenses, pronouns but in the context of class work

Those children who have a more limited use and understanding of English will have short 1:1 sessions to aid their English language acquisition.