Curriculum Experiences: Collaboration

Collaboration. Boys painting together


Children at Nether Green Junior School have opportunities to collaborate with one another in the classroom and around school. Our Collaboration driver enables children to think freely, to develop their listening skills (eye contact, note making, turn taking) and speaking skills (tone, turn taking, appropriateness). They work with new people, consider the different needs of others and have an awareness of the strengths of each other and themselves. These opportunities support our children to be respectful of others, develop sharing and co-operation skills.  This collaboration further supports children to develop a mutual respect for all; respect for and understanding of different faiths and respect for and understanding of different opinions & beliefs. The role of democracy is also developed in collaborative situations.

What this looks like in our school

  • Staff showing/ modelling our children how to work together
  • Regular and planned experiences of working in pairs and groups- specific roles for children to take on (scribe, reporter, chair)
  • Science roles/group work roles- measurer, experimenter, recorder, resource manager)
  • Specific planned listening activities
  • Speaking appropriately in full sentences
  • Demonstrating respect and tolerance within a group, considering the opinions and feelings of others
  • Taking into account the differences and needs of all (mixed ability/class/year group (including IR) pupil voice feeding into school life
  • Developing partnerships beyond NGJS
  • Collating information within groups
  • Solving a problem together
  • Working together in sports teams; choir, orchestra
  • Participating in performing arts productions , class assemblies, residential visits etc.
  • Buddy reading (Y3/6)
  • Peer assessment in the classroom
  • A vocal and effective school council- children across the school working together
  • Involvement in some decision making in school

Staff and children delivering assemblies, planned & specific