Curriculum Experiences: Citizenship

Fingers making Heart Shape over a map of the world


We aim for our children to have an increased awareness and understanding of current local, national and global affairs including those around environmental issues.  At Nether Green Junior School, we celebrate the diversity of our school community and our Citizenship driver enables children to understand British Values including:

  • Understanding democracy;
  • The rule of law (in school through to globally);
  • Respect for and understanding of different faiths & beliefs;
  • Tolerance of others;
  • Individual liberty.

Our curriculum supports children to recognise and understand the importance of the protective characteristics from the Equality Act.

We ensure that our children understand moral rules, care for each other, help others, recognise their rights and responsibilities and conduct themselves with respect.

What this looks like in our school

  • Critical Thinking and speaking/ listening activities e.g. debating/ role play
  • Being healthy- contributing to a healthy World; taking responsibility for being healthy through good diet and exercise
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing – self –regulation, recognising other children’s emotional needs and responding to these appropriately
  • Volunteering for roles around school
  • Assemblies addressing current affairs, celebrating different faiths, cultures and the diversity of the school
  • Y3/6 Buddies
  • Mixing classes/year groups on projects
  • Charity fundraising
  • What’s in the News- awareness of the wider World- local and global through assemblies and daily classroom input
  • Further developing a sense of belonging through the House teams
  • School Council
  • Voting- using the democratic process
  • Understanding how decisions are made- Global and national politics
  • Behaviour reward system – merits
  • Making learning relevant to the real world and focussing sharply on the issue
  • Visits from charities/speakers

Recognition of and participation in some International days